“At PYNNOX, we’re revolutionizing the packaging industry with our cutting-edge patented technology. 

We’re not just lowering costs; we’re redefining efficiency and safety “

At Pynnox, we’re proud to introduce our revolutionary patented technology: Advanced Child-Resistant Caps. This cutting-edge innovation not only enhances safety features but also slashes costs by up to 60%, all while promoting sustainability. As a dynamic and forward-thinking startup, we are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with established Caps and Closure Companies to accelerate the adoption of these groundbreaking concepts. We firmly believe that partnering with us can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes, propelling us both toward success and innovation in our industry. Let’s embark on this journey together for a win-win partnership.


"Delivers Greater Value at a Lower Cost"

  1. Enhanced Child Safety: Our revolutionary push-button CRC offers improved child safety features, ensuring that it is extremely difficult for children to open. It meets the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind to parents and caregivers.
  2. User-Friendly Design for Seniors: While prioritizing child safety, we’ve designed the CRC for ease of use by seniors. The push-button mechanism is intuitive and ergonomic, making it accessible to individuals of all ages.
  3. Streamlined Manufacturing Process: Our single-cavity design significantly reduces manufacturing time, slashing it by more than 60%. This means you can double your production capacity within the same time frame, increasing efficiency and profitability.
  4. Substantial Material Savings: With over 50% less material required, our CRC not only contributes to cost savings but also allows you to position your product at a premium price point. You can offer a high-quality, sustainable solution to your customers.
  5. Elimination of Additional Machinery: Unlike existing CRC designs that require extra machinery for the assembly of two caps, our innovative CRC simplifies the manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for additional machinery, freeing up valuable production space.
  6. Strong Intellectual Property: Our unique CRC design is protected by robust intellectual property rights. This distinctive feature will set your brand apart from competitors and establish your product as a leader in the market.
  7. Seamless Integration: Implementing our CRC into your existing machinery lines is straightforward. Minimal adjustments are needed, making it one of the easiest CRC solutions to integrate into your production process.
  8. Demonstration and Prototypes: We are excited to showcase our technology. We can provide a demonstration of the CRC in action and share prototypes to give you an in-depth understanding of its capabilities. Please reach out to us at, and we will promptly respond to your inquiries.


Our innovative Child Resistant Cap not only ensures the safety of children but also offers numerous benefits in terms of production efficiency, cost savings, and brand differentiation. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how our technology can enhance your product line.


PYNNOX Packaging's offers


Get perfect pre-set dose size E.g. 5ml or 1 Pill 

Child Protection

Auto-Child Safety locking feature 

Senior Friendly

Intelligent unlocking & dispensing for old age 

Visually Impaired Friendly

Institutive and Easy to use for visually challenged

Germs Protection

Prevent medicine exposure to hands or ambient atmosphare 

Simple Design

Designed simplest to manufacture, Implement and use


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PYNNOX Packaging's



Get auto-measured 5ml

Pill Dispenser

Get untouched pill

Pop-up Cap

get measured dose

Next Gen bottle

get measured dose