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“Our philosophy is ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ and we are dedicated to creating the most straightforward and effective solutions for medicine packaging and dispensing. Our goal is to ensure that taking medication is a hassle-free, accurate, and secure experience.”

see our latest Auto-dosing device


Dosing Plug

This device can be attached to any bottle to accurately dispense a predetermined dose, such as 5 ml, directly from the bottle.

“This revolutionary device can seamlessly integrate with existing bottles, offering a straightforward manufacturing process and effortless implementation and use.”

Dispenses 5ml only

It automatically halts once it has dispensed a predetermined dosage, such as 5ml.

Germs Protection

Ensure that medicine is protected from exposure to the ambient atmosphere and contact with hands.

Child Protection

Functions as a flow control mechanism to safeguard against accidental ingestion by children.

Senior friendly

"Provides effortless, single-handed operation for precise, auto-measured dosage."

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See our latest Pill Dispenser


Pill Dispenser

“Administer a single pill effortlessly and securely by simply placing it in your mouth. The automatic child lock engages after each dispensing for added safety.”

“It features a distinctive pointing mechanism that indicates the last dispensing, and its design consists of just three simple components, guaranteeing 100% reliability.”


"Ensure pills are protected from exposure to ambient air or contact with hands."

schedule indicator

It provides information about the most recent dosage dispensed to prevent accidental double dosing.

Child lock

Enhanced locking mechanisms for increased child safety.

Senior Friendly

Facilitates effortless single-handed operation for precise dosage access.

Our Innovations brings you value

pynnox Pop-up cap

Pop-up Dosing Cap

Introducing our cutting-edge liquid closure system (flip-top) that enables precise dosing directly into the mouth while safeguarding against contamination and reducing environmental impact.

We’ve revolutionized traditional syrup bottles with a user-friendly advancement that allows for effortless direct dosing without the need for additional measuring tools. Our dispenser also features a convenient locking mechanism after each use.

Experience the convenience of our one-handed, liquid closure design, which consists of just four simplified components (excluding the container) for easy assembly and full functionality.

pynnox next-gen bottle

NEXT-GEN Dispenser

Our liquid medicine packaging solution combines advanced features, including an inbuilt tamper-evident seal, double leak protection, and a dual child-safety lock, all in a single, user-friendly product.

With our innovative design, you can easily dispense the pre-set amount of syrup directly into your mouth using just one hand, eliminating the need for additional measuring tools.

Our packaging’s simple and clean design is crafted using a two-piece die mold, requiring straightforward one-fold assembly for your convenience.