Medicines get Exposed to Air/Hand while being dispensed.

Inadvertent child poisonings rise dramatically “Unfortunately, the number of poison visits to emergency departments are above those for children in car accidents.” The number of young children being poisoned after inadvertently ingesting over-the-counter or prescription medications has risen dramatically in recent years, say U.S. researchers, and that trend is likely being mirrored in Canada. A […]

Aging population needs Seniorfriendly medicine packaging

The world’s population is growing older – the UN predicts that by 2050, an estimated 426 million people will be over 80, around three times as many as in 2019. With an increase in age, the demand for pharmaceuticals and innovative packaging solutions for an older population Globally, the population aged 65 and over is growing faster […]

Four Busloads of Kids in Emergency Everyday

MEDICATION SAFETY We want to encourage our kids to explore and discover their world, so it’s especially important to include medicine safety when childproofing your home. Here are a few tips on how to keep kids safe around medicine. Hard Facts about Medication Safety Medicines are the leading cause of child poisoning. In 2017, nearly […]